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2 Research groups

SIAME : Multi-Scales Information and Analysis Systems

Head : Stéphane Serfaty.

The Multi-Scales Information and Analysis Systems (SIAME) research group is involved in studies of information systems, ranging from sensing and imaging techniques to signal processing and control of systems.

SIAME is organised according to three complementary research teams: BIOMIS (Bio-MIcroSystems & BioSensors), II (Instrumentation & Imagery) et MOSS (Methods and Tools for Signals & Systems).

CSEE : Devices and systems for Electric Energy

Head: François Costa.

The Devices and Systems for Electrical Energy group (CSEE) is involved in studies of electrical energy systems ranging from transports to renewable energies including the sustainable development stake. These studies cover the materials for electrical energy as well as the devices and associated systems.

CSEE is organised according to fourcomplementary research teams: EPI (Power Electronics and Integration), MME (Magnetic Materials for Energy Systems), SETE  (Energy Systems for the Transportation and Environment) and TN (Novel Technologies).

The research works of SIAME also are closely connected to those the CSEE group as the modeling, estimation, identification and sensing problems are common to both information and energy systems.


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