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Renewable energy

Marine renewable energy handbookMarine Renewable Energy Handbook Edited by Bernard Multon (Laboratoire SATIE), ENS de Cachan, Rennes, France

ISBN: 9781848213326

Publication Date: December 2011   Hardback   672 pp

Control of motors

Control of Synchronous Motors, Edited by Jean-Paul Louis (Laboratoire SATIE), Edited by Jean-Paul Louis, ISBN: 978-1-84821-273-2, ISTE/Wiley, May 2011, 406 pp

Control of Non-conventional Synchronous Motors, Edited by Jean-Paul Louis, ISBN: 9781848213319, ISTE/Wiley, 2012, 416 pp

For more publications about the control of machines see the page of the author: Jean-Paul Louis

Multi-physics modeling

DPSM Dominique Placko Wiley 2007DPSM for Modeling Engineering Problems, Edited by Dominique Placko, (Laboratoire SATIE), ENS de Cachan, France
and Tribikram Kundu (Tucson university), USA

ISBN : 978-0-471-73314-0

Publication date: July 2007, 372 pp