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Director's message

Prof Pascal Larzabal

 Larzabal Pascal

Dear visitors,

Welcome to the SATIE laboratory.

Since its founding in the late seventies, SATIE has been carrying out research in the field of electrical and electronic engineering focused on information and energy systems, with the mission of both enhancing the scientific knowledge and contributing to address the society stakes of these areas.

These stakes can be considered as relating to two main matters: on the one hand: health and security of people and goods, through the development of sensing, bio-sensing and imaging systems, and on the other hand: sustainable development, through the integration of power electronics devices, advanced electrical motors and energy conversion systems.

To meet problems regarding systems combining information and energy, our approach has been to bring together the efforts of researchers of both scientific communities. We believe that the combination of these two forces is a fertile compost for bringing out original research and, as an integral part of academic institutions, for providing our students with the versatile culture that will help them considering the problems they are to be brought to deal with, from an unconventional and, hopefully, inventive viewpoint.

Dear visitors, whether you are a student, a researcher, an industry representative or simply curious of research in electrical and electronic engineering,  I invite you to browse the website in order to learn more about SATIE laboratory, and hope our site supports your quest for useful information and helps you find the contact you may be looking for.


Pascal Larzabal, Director

SATIE laboratory